Listed (Public) Companies

DTT counsels listed (public) companies and their boards and management on a wide range of corporate governance issues. Our advice addresses the following issues, among others: general meeting of shareholders, major transactions and related parties transactions, director qualification standards, including independent directors; composition and scope of board committees; disclosure controls and procedures, duties of directors, minority rights.

We assist listedcompanies and their investor relations’ directors about their ongoing disclosure obligations and other compliance issues, including the preparation of periodic reports under the applicable laws and regulations as well as price-sensitive information fillings We are ready to advise listedcompanies about newly required corporate governance programs, as well as about code of business conducts and ethics for directors and employees and various corporate governance policies and procedures.

Also, providing full range of legal services to listed companies DTT has assisted clients in many going private transactions, which follow a general meeting of shareholders that resolves on delisting or squeeze-out tender offers filed by the major shareholders (see Related Experience).

The firm also counsels minority shareholders on protection of their rights at general meetings, on derivative lawsuits and complaints before the Financial Supervision Commission and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. We provide advice about shareholders agreements and securities transactions, including in the course of negotiations.

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